Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Better Learning Through Technology - Donorschoose Project

I am doing another donors choose project in hopes of supplying the students at my school with 5 iPads in order to enhance their learning. This is my third project that I have written and I know with the support from all of you we can get another project successfully funded! 

Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow's skills today. My students LOVE utilizing technology as much as possible, and I want them to be able to access it in order to make learning relevant and connected to their lives.

Neelsville Middle School has roughly 960 students, and of those 960 students nearly 70% qualify for the district's Free and Reduced Meal program, because their families cannot afford the standard cost of $2.75 for lunch.

Out of those 960 students, I teach approximately 130 of them over the span of 5 classes, and my students and I have the same goal in mind-to become strong critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Students will be able to use these iPads on a daily basis! These iPads will be placed in our classroom where students will have access to them when working on collaborative and engaging lessons, when they finish work early for anchor activities, at the end of class, or even at lunch. Students will always have the opportunity to utilize these iPads during class in order to strengthen their individual learning skills.

iPad Minis would greatly impact the students in my classroom by enhancing the learning with technology through hands on and critical thinking activities. My students would be able to perform activities such as: scan QR codes, research, design, and create projects with access to the Internet and free applications like Google Docs.

Please share, comment, or donate (if you can, no amount is too small) in order to give my students an awesome opportunity to become strong critical thinkers and problem solvers. If you are able to donate within the next 7 days use the promo card SPARK and your donation will matched by an outside company (up to $100). Thank you all for your support!!! 

Click this link to go to my Donors Choose Project Page

P.S - Be on the look out for another technology blog post from me very soon. I'll be posting on the new blogging journey that my students recently started!


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